Columbia - OR

Located at the Port of Morrow in Boardman, Oregon, the Columbia biorefinery began operations in August 2007 and sells ethanol, wet distillers grains, corn oil, and CO2.

The Columbia Dry Mill and Distillery began operations in 2007. It is a highly efficient batch fermentation process designed by Delta-T. Corn is received by unit train from the Midwest. Located on the Columbia River, most of the low carbon renewable fuel is shipped by barge to markets in Portland, OR. The Columbia plant also produces high protein feed, corn oil, and CO2 for distribution to local markets.

Plant Directory
Angela Boatman, Plant Manager
Robert Fordice, Commodity Manager
Frank Givens, Production Manager

Contact Alto Columbia
71335 Rail Loop, Boardman, OR 97818
(541) 481-2716

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