Food & Beverage

From confection makers to cocktail mixologists, our array of specialty alcohols are a natural choice for discerning customers—used as key components in a wide variety of applications for the food and beverage industry, including craft vinegars, flavor extracts, and the processing of CBD and cannabis.

Ingredients with Spirit

Alto is a leading manufacturer of beverage-grade alcohol with low impurities used by customers to produce a variety of potable distilled spirits.

Our sustainable alcohols are derived from a bio-based, renewable raw material, rigorously tested, and evaluated twice for an optimal organoleptic experience by qualified experts, and free from artificial flavors, coloring, or chemical preservatives.

We believe in transparency that extends to our labels, committed to making clean ingredients that are Kosher, gluten-free, vegan, GMP/HACCP Certified, and SMETA 4-Pillar.


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